Friday, July 18, 2008

Web Application Security Awareness Workshop

K-Secure and Blueinfy conducted this workshop in Mumbai which was very much appreciated by the participants. The same workshop covering the following topics will be conducted on 5 Aug in Mumbai and 6 Aug in Pune

· Web Security and attacks on the rise
· Know your enemy
· Corporate at risk - real life cases
· Web application security fundamentals
· Web components and security
· Developing Security around SDLC
· Industry best practices for architects and designers
· Threat modeling and methodologies
· Attack vectors and overview
· Top 10 attacks like SQL injection, XSS etc.
· Exploitation and Impact on corporate
· Next generation attacks - Web 2.0
· Defense methodologies
· Securing web applications and site
· Secure coding
· Application layer firewalls

· Live hacks and attacks - Demos

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