Monday, October 25, 2010

Learn how to analyze and craft packets

The skill of analyzing packets is the most essential skill required if you are a pentester / ethical hacker, a network or security administrator, intrusion analyst, forensic analyst, application security tester, researcher of vulnerabilities, or you deploy or audit firewalls and IDS, or you write custom IDS signatures. If you already acquire the skill to analyze packets, learning Scapy would just do wonders in doing your job much more efficiently and making your organizations more secure.

K-Secure's Packet Master training program would be a great help if you:

  • Want to audit or test your firewall rules
  • Do pentest on networks or applications
  • Like to test if your IDS signature / rule works
  • Wondered if your pentesting tools like nmap, arpspoof, hping etc. can give you more control and information