Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hackers meet at Nullcon 2, GOA

Heard of Black Hat, White Hat and also Gray Hat but what does this Brown Hat??

Does it mean the chief of all the hats? or something else??

Had a great time at GOA and the second Nullcon conference in Feb 2011.

2.4 Million email account passwords leaked

Have you ever entered your email account password on some sites like social networking, contact management, birthdates management or may be email marketing? Well the site you used could be legitimate, but how good is their security?? Are they collecting your password or redirecting to a login page on the email server?

Hackers have got 2.4 million email account passwords of gmail, hotmail, yahoo, live etc. The no. is expected to go up to 24 mil soon and as this is not likely to be the result of compromising all the providers at a go, hence it seems to be data from 3rd party sites in possession of the password. If you like to see if you are one of the victims, you can check your email id here -