Thursday, August 9, 2012

Nitin Gaur scores 95% in CCSA R75

We are proud to announce that Mr. Nitin Gaur, a participant of our recent CCSA batch CCSA R70has scored 95% in the CCSA R75 certification exam. Congratulations Nitin!

Nitin wins a 50% discount on CCSE R75 training fees for any batch at K-Secure Mumbai in 2012

Some tips from Nitin
1. Always attend training from Authorized training center 
2. Read study material thoroughly, if any doubt refer Check Point websites and discuss with training Instructor ( Mr. Kishin sir) 
3.Should have clear understanding and difference between of various backups methods 
4. Day-3 session during training is very important to know VPN concepts 
5. Refer Check Point firewall administration Guide for more details 
6.Attempt sample of question/Quiz available in Check Point website 
7.Should have clear concept various NAT methods 
8.Refer check Point product guides to know more about identity awareness     

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